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Exum Associates, Inc. was established in 2014 by Dr. Jay H Exum. Dr. Exum has been involved in the ecological consulting practice in central Florida since 1985. Through his professional exposure and interaction with dozens of valued colleagues, he had a vision of a consulting practice in which client service, scientific objectivity, thoughtful communication, fiscal responsibility and prudent management could be instigated in a successful business context.

Exum Associates provides natural resource-related services that will sustain or enhance biological diversity and natural system integrity in Florida, and across the Southeast. Our expectation is that through sound science and an objective perspective, we can meet our clients’ objectives and assure a functioning natural environment that is enjoyed by people actively engaged with the resource.

We are actively involved in the communities within which we work and professional organizations representing our disciplines. We strive to influence policy, and through our effective representation of clients, set the highest standards for professional integrity, thoroughness of research, and creative strategies to accomplish our clients’ objectives.

We assist public and private landowners with the implementation of conservation programs that generate income, educate the public, restore ecosystems and sustain the awareness, viability and biological diversity of natural systems.

About Dr. Exum


Dr. Exum has practiced in central Florida since completing his Ph.D. in wildlife ecology in 1985. He has conducted ecological assessments over tens of thousands of acres of land with a focus on biological diversity, threatened and endangered species, wetland ecology, and conservation of natural resources within a diverse array of natural systems across the Southeastern US. Jay has been crucial in facilitation of policy decisions including Comprehensive Plans for counties, and regional conservation strategies for natural resource agencies. In addition to his technical experience, Dr. Exum has led teams of multi-disciplinary professionals in multiple offices across the Southeast. He has been responsible for managing an annual budget of more than $10 million and the growth and professional development of more than 50 professionals in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina.