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Programmatic, Peer Review

Project: External Review of the Alligator Management Program
Client: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)
Principal Ecologist: Dr. Jay Exum served as the principal ecologist for the review.


Exum Associates conducted an independent, external review of the Alligator Management Program (AMP) that included:

  1. A review of pertinent literature, FWC rules, Florida statutes and policies,
  2. A web-based questionnaire of select FWC staff and representative stakeholders,
  3. An assessment of current scientific methodology and management efforts, and
  4. A review of the Program purpose goals and objectives.


  • Established in 1988, the AMP had not been subject to an external review since its inception.
  • The AMP consists of 7 different Program elements with potentially competing objectives.
  • There were 30 years of data, rules, policies and program objectives to evaluate.
  • Our web-based survey received over 1,000 responses from passionate stakeholders with their own individual interests.


  • Exum Associates’ findings considered 30 years of scientific research; public safety; 13,000 recreational alligator hunters; and the commercial use of alligators.
  • Our final report summarized examples of Exemplary Performance or Opportunities for Improvement.
  • We provided recommendations on each of the 7 program elements, staffing and funding, and adherence of the AMP to Wildlife Governance Principles.