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Osceola County, FL


Project: Natural Resource Planning, Osceola County, FL
Client: Osceola County Natural Lands Department
Principal Ecologist: Dr. Jay Exum led a natural resource team in the development of numerous natural resource management plans across the County, and participated as an external Peer Reviewer on a development plan that would affect more than 100,000 acres of agricultural and natural lands in the County.Local governments desire to manage their lands for both public access and resource protection and Exum Associates understands how to balance these potentially conflicting objectives. We have extensive experience on dozens of projects that have helped create appropriate recreational opportunities on natural lands and created plans to protect natural areas on parks primarily dedicated to active recreation. We have balanced resource-based recreation with natural lands protection on dozens of master plans including the work we did for Osceola County over a number of years and series of projects.


Create natural resource management plans that incorporate appropriate public use on a series of projects that encompass both regional- and local-scale conservation initiatives.


  • Balancing public use and resource protection
  • Efficiently creating management plans on projects of a relatively small scale
  • Considering the County‚Äôs desires for economic growth and effective resource protection

Primary Accomplishments:

  • Created innovative resource management plans that met the requirements of state agencies involved with funding land acquisition
  • Defined long-term objectives, short-term management and a format for annual implementation and monitoring
  • Provided strategies that will allow public use and resource protection and management
  • Delivered numerous plans on-time and on budget in a relatively short time-frame